Makeup for stage performance workshop

In this workshop we will go over how to apply a full face of makeup for a stage performance. I will talk about how to apply the makeup and give suggestions on products that can help your makeup to last longer under the hot lights of the stage. We will cover everything from eyebrows to foundation. We will borrow from the Face Contouring workshop to give your face depth and dimension under harsh lighting. Then we will work on how to apply your eye makeup to help your eyes standout.

Below is the list of products that I will be using in the demonstration. These products are only a suggestion and you are not required to bring all the products below in order to participate in the workshop. Please feel free to come with that you already have and we will discuss how to use those products in different ways.


  • See Face Contouring Workshop for product suggestion list.
  • Makeup Setting spray
    • The Ben Nye Final Seal spray works wonders, but may not be good for sensitive skin
    • Urban Decay All Nighter may be better for sensitive skin (make sure to test it first on your arm or wrist  before spraying it all over your face if you have sensitive skin)


  • Eyelid Primer – E.L.F. makes a great one, as well as Milani and Wet n’ Wild
  • Your choice of a selection of eye shadows – choose at least three shades in light, medium and dark in complimentary colors
  • A matte eye shadow that matches your skin tone – you can also use pressed powder for this
  • Gel or a liquid eyeliner pen in black (preferably waterproof) – L’Oreal makes a great eyeliner pen and Maybelline makes a good gel eyeliner
  • Flat shader eye shadow brush – check out one from E.L.F. or Sonia Kashuk
  • Crease brush – Try up & up or Essence of Beauty
  • Fine eyeliner brush – you can use artist brushes from Michael’s or this one from E.L.F.
  • Eyebrow pencil or powder with spoolie for blending & eyebrow wax or gel
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler (optional)
  • False eyelashes – These demi-wispies are my favorite
  • Eyelash adhesive – The Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive in dark works well and is latex free (they also have a clear version)



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